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To keep you at the heart of ChatGPT's advances, we update this book twice a year, enabling you to understand and follow the latest developments in this fascinating artificial intelligence.

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Chapter descriptions

This book guides you through the world of ChatGPT, from expert-level prompt generation to Reverse prompt engineering and professional integration, step by step.

Chapter OneFrom AI to ChatGPT

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of ChatGPT, and discover how artificial intelligence has changed our world.

Chapter TwoPrompt generation

Discover the art of prompter structuring and progress towards expert prompter creation with our step-by-step guide.

Chapter Three Expert-level prompt generation

Master advanced prompts for ChatGPT: step-by-step method, parallels with fine-tuning, and precise structuring for optimal results.

Chapter Four Ready-to-use prompts

Explore tools with prompts libraries and websites offering reusable prompts.

Chapter FiveReverse prompt engineering

Discover reverse prompt engineering and reinvent your relationship with ChatGPT. Starting from the end, find the perfect prompt to get exactly the text you're looking for.

Chapter SixAdding Chrome features

Reinvent your work with ChatGPT and Chrome! Learn how to make the most of AI to make your day-to-day work more efficient.

Chapter SevenProfessional integration

Dive into a world of infinite possibilities as you discover ChatGPT's integration with Excel and VBA. This chapter explores the unique synergies between these innovative technologies.

Chapter EightStep by step

Discover Whisper, a powerful tool for speech recognition and information management. Learn how to install and use it. Bring an avatar 2.0 to life with ChatGPT, Midjourney and D-ID Studio.

Chapter NineDetection of AI-generated text

In Silicon Valley, an AI war is emerging, challenging the distinction between human and automated prose. Modern detectors, text camouflage and innovative solutions clash. Who will triumph?

Chapter TenThe appendices

Broaden your understanding of AI with a glossary and a selection of bibliographical references in English and French.

What you'll learn

Discover ChatGPT in depth. Improve your communications, boost your creativity and optimize your professional efficiency with this artificial intelligence technology.

Understanding ChatGPT

Acquire in-depth knowledge of ChatGPT, how it works and its applications.

Master how to structure prompts

Learn how to effectively structure your prompts for optimal interactions with ChatGPT and discover expert-level prompts.

Discover Reverse Prompt Engineering

Apply Reverse Prompt Engineering techniques to improve your interactions with ChatGPT.

Use Chrome extensions

Add new ChatGPT features using Chrome extensions.

Professional integration

Learn how to use ChatGPT with Excel to improve your professional efficiency.

Create an Avatar 2.0

Walk through the process of creating an Avatar 2.0, using Midjourney, D-ID Studio and pushing the boundaries of AI.

Detection of AI-generated text

Discover the main AI-generated text detectors and explore eight countermeasure techniques to thwart these systems.

Who is this book for?

Discover ChatGPT in depth.


Customer service professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders, user experience specialists, educators and trainers, health and science professionals, software developers and engineers, human resources managers, finance and management professionals.


Writers and authors, graphic designers and visual artists, marketing and advertising professionals, video game developers, musicians and composers, scriptwriters and directors, training and education professionals, user experience (UX) experts, journalists and editors, innovation and creativity consultants.


Computer Science, Communication and Marketing, Design and Creation, Management and Entrepreneurship, Psychology and Social Sciences, Education and Vocational Training, Linguistics and Translation, Health Sciences and Medicine, Humanities and Cultural Studies, Economics and Finance.

About the author

Immerse yourself in the world of AI with ChatGPT thanks to the second edition of our free comprehensive guide of over 150 pages!


With 15 years' experience in digital transformation and enterprise systems automation, the author is a confirmed expert who has worked for CAC 40 companies and associations. Committed to practical application, he is working to put AI to work for professionals. Given the interest in ChatGPT, he has written this book to share his expertise, help get accurate answers from ChatGPT and make this tool more accessible to all.

  • Digital transformation program manager
  • Automation solutions (process reengineering, RPA, AI)

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