Qualitative Measures: Perplexity and Burstiness

Part 09 – Chapter 2 – Technique #3

You have the option to directly download the text file:

or you can select and copy all of the text presented below:

First, use the following prompt by copying it into ChatGPT’s input area. This will prime the linguistic model with the concepts of Perplexity and Burstiness.

Then, use the second prompt below to instruct ChatGPT on the text you wish to rewrite. Copy and paste the introductory sentence and integrate your text afterwards.

Display the prompt to communicate to ChatGPT to familiarize the model

When you have to write content, two essential characteristics must be taken into account: « perplexity » and « burstiness ». « Perplexity » assesses the complexity and unpredictability of a text. Human writings tend to have higher « perplexity », resulting in more creative linguistic choices, but also more typographical or grammatical errors. It applies at the word level. « Burstiness » assesses the variation in sentence structure and sentence length. It applies at the sentence level. Humans write with high « perplexity » and « burstiness ». Sentences should not be uniform; for instance, it’s possible to incorporate long or complex sentences while alternating with shorter or simpler ones. The content I will ask you for must display a high level of « perplexity » and « burstiness ». Let me know with an OK if you’ve understood?

Display the second prompt that will be used to convey the text to be processed

Using the concepts written previously, rewrite the text with a high degree of perplexity and burstiness. Here’s the text: “<insert your text here>”